AKB 48 Japanese girls’ group in Japan

It has been long time to update this blog.

Today, we would like to introduce the most famous group in Japan.
AKB 48. Here’s the movie.

AKB 48 is the most popularĀ Japanese idol group right now.
Almost everyday, we see them on TV, and they are getting very famous gradutally.

Before them, the idol group called “Morning Musume” was there,
but, now they are rarely seen on TV.
Instead, AKB 48 has their position.

The number of Japanese girls in this group is 48.
So many girls, aren’t they?
Thus, not all the girls are known. It is hard to remember.
But, we can say that they are cute and sing pretty.

The movie we have found on Youtube for AKB 48 is
the most famous song - aitakata which means I wanted to see you!


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