Which one do you like? Japanese gilrs, or Korean Girls

Recenlty, Korean girls are getting popular in Japan. They seemed to be an intelligent, cute, and sexy.
On the other hand, Japanese girls are thought as just cute girls like AKB 48.
Theri faces are baby faces compared to Korean girls, and seemed to be a normal girl where you can see them in a city.

However, there are still intelligent, cute, and sexy Japanese girls in Japan.
Specially, around 30ths are very good!

Here’s photo of Japanse idol group of AKB48 and Kara.
Can you see the difference between Japanese girls and Korean girls?

akb 48 - Japanese idol

korean girls - kara

Both idol group are very popular in Japan recently.
Tell us which girls do you lilke!

Enjoy dating with Japanese girls in Japan


If you visit Japan, you might want to enjoy dating with Japanese girls.
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Korean Girls in Japan!

korean girls

In Japan, Korean Girls group called “shou jyo jidai”, which means “girls generation”
is getting very popular on TV.


Japanese girl looks very young! Hoshino aki is a good example

Hoshino aki

You know, Japanese girls look very young compared to other country’s girl,
especially girls over 30 years old.

Hoshino aki is a good example. Do know how old she is?


Young Japanese girls love Irezumi (Tattoo)

Irezumi girls

Unlike before, many young Japanese girls have thier own tattoo.


A popular Japanese AV girl, Megumi

Japanese AV idol, megumi

As you might know, there are many Adult video in Japan.
So many cute, sexy and slender Japanse girls are appear in the video.


AKB 48 Japanese girls’ group in Japan

It has been long time to update this blog.

Today, we would like to introduce the most famous group in Japan.
AKB 48. Here’s the movie.


Japanese Office Lady

Japanese Office Girls

Today’s Japanese girl’s photo collection is
Japanese Office lady like the girl above.


Japanese Banny Girls Photo

Japanese Banny Girls Photo

Today, we have a photo of Japanese banny girl.
Her name is Chihiro Hara.
She works as an Adult Video Girl, and one of the most
most popular AV girl in Japan.


Japanese girl’s beautiful legs

Japanese Girls photo

When compared to Westernen girls, one of the great thing about Japanese girl is
that they are so slim, and has beautiful legs.